Little Kids in a Big City

a simple drawing becomes an original art piece

a simple drawing becomes an original art piece

Little Kids in a Big City

the city in a child’s eyes

@The Child’s Therapy Room at The Wellness Studio

A room perfect for children needs art that can connect with a child.

Painting city buildings

blue seems like the perfect color for a tall building

Benjamin asked his daughter Isabella if she could come up with an idea for an Art piece for a child’s room. Isabella created a short story which was inspired from one of her favorite bed time story books. Next, she drew her concept.  Her father cut out some boards for her to represent the city and she started painting. Details are important

Isabella and her dad worked together to create a fun and engaging art piece that would connect with children. They used items that represent items kids may see in the city along with items they automatically have a connection to. Cane’s is one of Isabella’s favorite places to eat, monopoly is one of her favorite games, the hot air balloon is something she wants to ride in one day. The taxi cars she made out of card board boxes which came inside a computer box. The tie represents kids seeing business men in the city. The crayons, ruler, tree and swing are things some children can relate to on a daily basis.

Isabella had so much fun working on this project it was hard for her to let it go. She is excited that it has a new home and she is sure it will put a smile on children’s faces.

She is already starting on her next work of art:)

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